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WP 300.10

- No misleading bending loads
- Type of shear loading as on rivets and bolts


Technical Description

During the shear test, shearing forces are generated in a material specimen. The shear jig for this experiment comprises the two hardened shearing anvils for retaining the specimen and the tension lug with hardened shear tongue. The tongue reaches between the two shearing anvils without play. This results in the specimen being subject to double shear. Misleading bending loads are thus largely avoided. The jig is easy to install in the tensile section of the tester. Specimens of 6mm diameter copper are used.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Application of shear to a metal specimen


[1] Supplementary experiment for the universal material tester WP 300 for shear loading bolts
[2] Test specimens made of electrical grade copper
[3] Shearing anvil and tension lug made of hardened steel
[4] Double shear method avoids misleading bending stresses
[5] Quick assembly on the tension section of the WP 300
[6] Comprehensive experiment instructions, also as pdf

Technical Data

- diameter x l: 6x26mm
- made of electrical grade copper

Scope of Delivery
1 complete device for shearing experiments
1 set of experiment instructions

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