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TM 612 Kinetic model: flywheel



  • Uniformly accelerated angular motion during the experiment


Technical Description

Using the TM 612, basic experiments on uniformly accelerated angular motion can be performed. A flywheel mounted in ball bearings is placed in motion by a weight attached to a pulley. The inertia of the flywheel can be determined from the fall time of the weight.

The unit is intended for wall mounting. Due to the clear, robust construction the unit is excellently suited to student experiments.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Experimental determination of the mass moment of inertia of a metal flywheel


[1] Student experiment on the moment of mass inertia of a flywheel
[2] Steel flywheel 
[3] Steel shaft used as drive pulley
[4] Set of weights
[5] Ball bearing mounted shaft
[6] Anodised aluminium base plate

Technical Data

- D=300mm
- height: 40mm
- mass: 22.2kg
- mass moment of inertia: 0.25kgm²


Set of weights
- 1x 1N (hanger)
- 4x 1N
- 3x 5N

Base plate
- wxh: 250x200mm
- hole spacing: 230x180mm, D10mm

Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h: 200 x 355 x 300 mm
Weight:  approx. 30 kg

Scope of Delivery

1 flywheel on base plate
1 set of weights
1 nylon cord
1 instruction manual

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