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TM 290 Journal bearing with hydrodynamic lubrication



  • Measurement of friction torque under load
  • Pressure distribution in a journal bearing 
  • Locus curve of a journal
  • Bearing attitude for different conditions of load and speed 
  • Investigating different bearing clearances with journals of a shaft of different diameters


Technical Description

The behaviour of a classical journal bearing with hydrodynamic lubrication can be investigated with the apparatus TM 290. The experimental capability ranges from the measurement of friction torque under load, to determine the pressure distribution in a journal bearing, to plot a locus curve of a journal and to determine the bearing attitude for different conditions of load and speed. The radial load of max. 500N is adjusted manually with a hand wheel. The drive is an asynchronous motor with frequency converter. All variables (speed, load, friction torque, oil supply pressure, oil peak pressure, oil temperature, X-displacement, Y-displacement) are indicated on 4-digit displays. Five different journals are used to examine bearing clearance. X and Y positions are measured using inductive displacement sensors. The friction torque is measured by means of a lever arm equipped with an electronic force sensor.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Determination of the coefficient of friction at various loads and speeds (also refer and compare to Stribeck curves)
- Influence of speed, bearing clearance and bearing load on the center of the journal
- Influence of speed, bearing load and lubricant on the friction torque
- Locus curve of a journal


[1] Mobile unit to investigate friction in a hydrodynamically lubricated journal bearing
[2] Journal of a shaft: nominal diameter 50mm, width of bearing shell: 20mm
[3] max. radial bearing load: 500N
[4] Drive motor: 0.37kW, max. 1500rpm
[5] Determination of friction torque with strain gauge force sensor and lever arm
[6] Electronic sensors and digital displays for: speed, oil temperature, oil pressure (supply and peak), friction torque, displacement in X- and Y-direction
[7] 230V, ~50Hz

Technical Data

Journal of a shaft
- nominal diameter d: 50mm
Bearing clearance
- 0.035; 0.055; 0.075; 0.095; 0.2mm
- 3-phase asynchronous motor with frequency converter
- power output: 0.37kW
- speed: 0...1500rpm
Speed measurement: optical sensor
Max. friction torque: 0...1Nm
Max. radial load: 0...500N
Oil pressure measurement range: 0...10bar
Oil supply pressure: min. 3bar
Oil temperature measurement with RTD (PT100)

Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h : 1000 x 750 x 1580 mm
Weight : approx. 200 kg Required for Operation 230V, ~50Hz, other voltage on request

Scope of Delivery
1 apparatus completely mounted with 5 different journals of a shaft
1 single-head wrench SW32
1 set of angular Allan keys
5L motor oil
1 instruction manual

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