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TM 260.01 Rolling friction in friction wheels



  • Investigation of slip forces between two rotating discs in contact


Technical Description

The slip forces between two rotating friction discs in contact can be determined using this accessory module. The unit is intended for operation with the basic module TM 260. Connection to the basic module is made using a clamped coupling. The slip between the discs is maintained at a constant 4% by a gearbox. The contact pressure can be adjusted in steps (10N) up to max. 80N. This adjustment is performed using a lever with a mechanical advantage of 2:1. A strain gauge force transducer connected to the controller measures the friction forces directly. The unit has a container for supplying lubricant. Knurled bolts enable the friction discs to be changed easily.

Learning Objectives / Experiments
- Friction forces as a function of the load
- Friction forces as a function of the lubrication
- Friction forces as a function of the operating speed



[1] Supplementary experiment on slip forces between two rotating discs in contact
[2] Friction discs 53mm diameter, materials: aluminium/rubber
[3] Gearbox ratio i: 0.96
[4] Strain gauge transducers for friction force 0...50N
[5] Weight set up to 40N
[6] l x w x h 490x280x150mm

Technical Data
Friction discs
- diameter: 53mm 
- materials: aluminium/rubber
Gearbox ratio: i = 0.96
Strain gauge transducers for friction force: 0...50N
Weight set up: to 40N

Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h : 490 x 280 x 150 mm
Weight : approx. 10 kg

Scope of Delivery
1 gearbox module
1 force transducer module
2 friction discs
1 instruction manual

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