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TM 170 Balancing apparatus



  • Illustration of fundamental processes of balancing1
  • Static and dynamic unbalance


Technical Description

The main element of the benchtop unit is a smooth shaft to which four variable unbalance weights can be attached at any angle or distance. The rotor is supported horizontally in ball bearings and is driven by a speed-controlled motor. The speed is measured electronically and shown on a digital display. For determination of the unbalance weight by measuring the balance of moments the driving belt can be removed. Using different weights dragging on the pulley defined moments can be exerted to the shaft. They can be compared with those caused by the unbalance weights when rotating. The transparent hood prevents contact with the rotating parts and provides a good view of the rotor. Fastening of the supporting base with elastic elements neutralizes undesirable vibrations.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Explanation and determination of unbalance
- Investigation of static, dynamic and basic unbalance
- Balancing process


[1] Benchtop unit for illustrating the fundamentals of static and dynamic balancing
[2] Adjustable speed 
[3] Max. total unbalance: 880cmg
[4] Digital speed display
[5] Transparent protective hood
[6] Integrated angle and length gauge
[7] lxwxh 420x400x380mm

Technical Data
Speed range: 0 ... 1400rpm
Number of unbalance weights: 4
Max. total unbalance: 880cmg

Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h : 420 x 400 x 380 mm
Weight : approx. 30 kg Required for Operation 230V , ~50Hz

Scope of Delivery
1 balancing unit, complete
1 experiment instructions

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