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TM 150 Vibration trainer



  • Extensive experimental system for mechanical vibration
  • Experiments on various pendulums, bar-type oscillators and spring-mass systems
  • Damping, resonance and absorption effects with forced vibration


Technical Description

The trainer covers a wide range of topics in mechanical vibration technology. It is mounted on a sturdy, low-vibration frame which is installed on a laboratory trolley with braked wheels. Quick fastening elements for the formed grooves for quick and accurate experimental setup.

Forced vibration is generated with an electrical motor-driven imbalance exciter. The exciter frequency can be set precisely on a control unit with digital display. An oil damper is used for vibration abatement. A bar-type oscillator that can be adjusted with weights is included for absorber experiments. A mechanical drum and a polar diagram recorder record the vibration.

The single parts are stored in the protective storage compartments of the laboratory trolley. The measured values can be evaluated with the software for data acquisition TM 150.20. A practice set for torsional vibrations (TM 150.02) is available as accessories.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- experiments with pendulums
  * reversing pendulum
  * shortened pendulum length
  * spring-mass system
- bar-type oscillator
  * undamped vibration
  * damped vibration
  * forced vibration
- damped and undamped resonance


[1] instructional and experimental vibration system, experiments on damping, resonance, two-weight system and vibration absorption
[2] 6 pendulum oscillators, 2 bar-type oscillators, 1 spring-mass oscillator
[3] electrical imbalance exciter 
[4] electronic exciter control unit with digital frequency display and TTL output for triggering external units
[5] adjustable absorber with leaf spring
[6] oil-filled damper 

Technical Data

Bar, rigid: LxWxH: 700x25x12mm, 1,6kg
Bar, flexible: LxWxH: 25x4x700mm, 0,6kg 
Tension / compression springs
- 0,75N/mm
- 1,5N/mm 
- 3,0N/mm
Imbalance exciter
- 0...50Hz
- 100cmg
Oil-filled damper: 5...15Ns/m
- leaf spring, wxh: 20x1,5mm
- total weight: approx. 1,1kg
- adjustable 5...50Hz
Groove width of frame: 10mm

Drum recorder: 20mm/s, width 100mm

Polar diagram recorder: D=100mm

Dimensions and Weight
LxWxH: 1010x760x1800mm
Opening in frame WxH: 870x650mm
Weight: approx. 150kg Required for Operation 230V, 50/60Hz, 1 phase or 120V, 60Hz/CSA, 1 phase (control unit)

Scope of Delivery
1 frame and laboratory trolley
6 pendulums
2 bars
3 springs 
1 exciter control unit
1 imbalance exciter 
1 damper
2 recording devices
1 experiment instructions

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