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Switchboard Demonstator Double Feeder

Features GOTT Switchboard Demonstator Double Feeder

  • Physical Size: Approx.: 1.5m H x 2.5m W x 0.5m D
  • Construction: GOTT-SDU-3003 is modular,contained,suitable for both front back access.
  • Technical Data: GOTT-SDU-3003 is suitable for 400V, 3 phase, 4 wire & 50Hz system.Designed to with stand a fault level of 31 MVA.
  • Busbars: hard drawn high conductivity copper with current density of 1000A per sq. In color coating: red - for red phase, yellow- for yellow phase, blue- for blue phase, black - for neutral
  • Supply w/ 2 termination box c/w 5 x 1000A copper terminal (R,Y,B,N,& E) & 35mm2 cable.


This is a standard industrial LV(low-voltage) switchboard but specially adapted to function as a training unit. It enables switchgears, instrument and protective gears used in normal switchboard to be demonstrated and their functions explained. It is an excellent practice units for students to study its circuitry and function. Compartment doors/covers are hinged and the screws  can be opened manually by hand.


spesifikasi Switchboard Demonstator Double Feeder

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