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Split Air Conditioner Trainer HVCA


The Split Air Conditioner Trainer has been designed to explain and demonstrate the working principles of an ai r-conditioning system. It is mounted in an enamelcoated steel frame angle. All the components which are used in GOTT-SACT-20 are original air-conditioning components by Industrial standard manufacturers. The basic system comprises a compressor, condenser (divided into two sections), expansion device, digital temperature indicator with three PT 100 sensors (measuring condenser, evaporator and cabinet temperature), dryer unit, sight glass, and three pressure / suction gauges.

This refrigerant that used does not contain chlorine which damages the Earth's ozone layer of the Earth, minimal damage to our environments.

  • High efficiency compressor (Highly efficient and compact)
  • New W-fin condenser (Highly efficient and compact)
  • Components Redesigned (Heat exchanger, various joints, compressor and ETC.) for high pressure (Burst rupture pressure 1.6 times).
  • Optimum refrigerant circuit for heat exchanger.


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