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Sensor And Transducer Training Kit


The Sensor and Transducer Training Kit is designed for the study of sensor application in industry. For Example Electrical beam sensor, Proximity sensor, strain gauge, Pressure sensor, Temperature sensor & Photo sensor and Controller. It acts as a signal receiver from the sensors and transformed to control other system process. It is designed on the panel system concept, easy to use for experiments. The size of module panel is designed according to DIN standard. The front plate of module is made of Uma board. Its components are made of strong material and high insulation. All connection points are via safety socket. The back cover of module panel is made of ABS plastic. Except for module panel with heat generator, is made of metal. The symbol of each component is engraved on the front plate of module panel and combined with the ROD press-in socket type. The two levels of panel frame is made by aluminum with coated anodize for strong construction. 






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