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SE 112

- Mounting frame for setup of experiments in statics, strength of materials and dynamics


Technical Description

The mounting frame SE 112 provides a clearly laid-out, user-friendly means of setting up experiments in the fields of statics, strength of materials and dynamics.
SE 112 comprises four steel sections which are bolted together to form a frame. Two feet on the sides provide stability. The frame is quick and easy to assemble, with just a few actions needed.

The frame is used for mounting the following experiments:
Forces and moments: SE 110.53
Trusses: SE 110.21, SE 110.22
Bridges, beams, arches, cables: SE 110.12, SE 110.16, SE 110.17, SE 110.18, SE 110.50
Elastic deformations: SE 110.47, SE 110.29, SE 110.20, SE 110.44
Stability: SE 110.19
Vibration: SE 110.58


[1] frame for mounting of experiments in statics, strength of materials and dynamics
[2] sturdy sectional steel double frame, welded
[3] easy, exact mounting of all components by precision clamp fixings
[4] stable on laboratory desktops or workbenches
[5] frame supplied disassembled

Technical Data

Mounting frame made of steel sections
- frame opening WxH: 1250x900mm
- section groove width: 40mm

Dimensions and Weight
LxWxH: 1400x400x1130mm (assembled)
LxWxH: 1400x400x200mm (without mountings)
Weight: approx. 32kg

Scope of Delivery
1 mounting frame, disassembled
1 set of bolts with hexagon socket wrench
1 instruction manual

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