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Radar Trainer


  • Complete hardware and software setup to demonstrate Radar Concepts
  • Signals study on Software as well as on CRO with the help of test points given on trainer
  • Object counter provided on trainer
  • Real time fan RPM measurements and vibrations measurements with the help of tuning forks
  • Tripod stand provided for height and level matching
  • LED Indication for Doppler Echo Signal
  • Complete accessories set up for all experiments
  • On board alarm for detected signals


GOTT Radar Trainer is very useful training system for laboratory to understand the concept of Radar and its working principle. Radar or Radio Detection and Ranging is probably the most prevalent application of Microwave technology. In its basic operation, a transmitter sends out a signal, which is partly reflected by a distant target and then detected by a sensitive receiver. If a narrow beam antenna is used, the target’s direction can be accurately given by the position of the antenna. The radial velocity of the target is related to the Doppler shift of the return signal. The Radar systems are used in civilian, military and scientific applications


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