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Protection Relay Experiment Trainer


  • Experiment projects are complete, experiment content is rich, design is reasonable, which are beneficial to broaden the students’ knowledge.
  • Experimental device has excellent compatibility and scalability. Experimental installations adopt platform design, laboratory modules using component design School can based on teaching demand choose experimental module freely. If need to add depth and breadth of experiments, user simply need to add components.
  • Experimental Device has strong intuitionist. Each relays is the abdomen - installed on the panel surface, students can clearly see the action of every relay, and are convenient to set relay values. At the same time, the relays and other components electrical diagrams of are painting on each panel, which are complete and consistent teaching materials, can help students understand the book knowledge, improve the experimental results.
  • The experiments are strong package, the AC-DC power supply, instrumentation, relay and experimental connecting wire in experiment all fully equipped, school do not need to add any equipment to complete the experimental content.
  • Experiment has authenticity. The relays used in experiment are relays which are currently using on-site power system, and better reflect the status of the power system, and lay a good foundation to engage in design, installation, debugging, maintenance and other work to for students after graduation for protection system.
  • Structure is reasonable. The whole structure adopt a three-tier structure, panel ranking according to the actual line with the flow, experimental function block is clarity, carefully designing improve experimenter's understanding of the system, wiring facilitate and the efficiency of the experiment.
  • The experiment device has perfect protection measures. The device provide leakage circuit breakers and other physical security protection measures, Experimental lead adopts fully enclosed plastic wire to ensure the students’ operation safety. Various instruments and power supplies all have a perfect protection function.


Protection relay experimental device can conduct experimental operation including power plants, substations and factory relay, relay, secondary electrical control circuit teaching experiment, which is applicable in the electrical category, the electrical category related to the professional courses teaching experiment. 




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