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Pneumatic/Electro-Pneumatics Training Set




The Pneumatic Trainer may be supplied on a working table or as a tabletop unit. In addition, it may be equipped with an integral power supply and compressor for use in locations that are not rigged for plant air. This affordable, yet in-depth, training system can improve skills and increase knowledge within industrial training programs or within the educational setting. 
This integrated hands-on training aid introduces students to basic principles of pneumatics and compressed air devices. This unit allows for the bread-boarding of numerous pneumatic circuits to illustrate a wide selection of pneumatic circuits along with the associated lab manual and instructor guide. This creates a learning experience that provides a complete and practical introduction to pneumatic technology. 


Basic Pneumatic Training Set

Advanced Pneumatic Training Set

Basic Electro-Pneumatic Training Set

Advanced Electro-Pneumatic Training Set

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