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PLC Simulator Trainer


The Conveyor System Trainer GOTT-PLC-CONVEYOR-02 is an ideal training system to those who are in charge of automating high volume production lines. The system offers most realistic environment possible to maximize educational efficiency. Pneumatic valves and cylinders, and an PLC are the main components of the simulated environment. The system is based on a belt type conveyor with sensors placed at variou locations to detect the size of the object on the belt. When the PLC functions are properly utilized, the obtained information can be processed to generate desired control functions such as determining pass or fail, or separating good parts from bad parts. Time control or parts count can be programmed when a preset counter or a timer is utilized. The complexity of this system allows further study of PLCs in process control systems. Students are required to consider in more detail the structure of complete control systems. Complex control scenarios can be developed using combinations of timers and counters with master and zone control functions.




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