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MT 152 Assembly spur gear



  • Practical exercise based on the assembly of a spur gear unit
  • Broad scope of learning with interdisciplinary problems
  • Comprehensive and well-structured instructional material


Technical Description

Gears transmit rotational movements. They adapt the torques and speeds of a consumer drive according to demand.

The MT 152 is a spur gear unit with helical gear wheels. The gear is single-stage, and has a fixed transmission ratio (fixed gear unit). It is a standalone gear unit, i.e. a self-contained transmission in its own gear case. Self-contained gear units are usually arranged between the motor and the machine, or are used as installation kits in machines. By contrast, open-running gear wheel pairs forming part of a machine are termed non-self-contained gears.

Helical gear wheels run more smoothly and quietly than spur toothed gears because the gear teeth intermesh gradually and multiple teeth are engaged. They are suitable for higher speeds, and can withstand greater loading than comparable spur toothed gears.

The MT 152 training unit serves as an introductory project to the field of assembly techniques. The assembly and disassembly processes can easily be completed within standard lesson times. Basic tools, all supplied with the kit, are required for assembly. 

The unit is of most benefit in teaching if small groups of 2 to 3 students work independently. The group has a defined task to perform, with clear assignments to complete. 

The comprehensive instructional material is oriented to practical needs. This includes a complete set of drawings with a general arrangement drawing, parts list and single part drawings.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- design and function of a spur gear, with helical gear wheels
- planning and presentation of the assembly process
- assembly and disassembly, including for the purposes of maintenance and repair 
- reading and understanding engineering drawings
- dimensioning exercises, gauging of parts
- familiarisation with various machine elements: ball bearings, shaft seals
- familiarisation with assembly aids and jigs
- material selection criteria


[1] assembly exercise for engineering training
[2] disassembled spur gear with set of small parts and 4 assembly jigs, housed in a sturdy metal case
[3] helical spur gear wheels
[4] gear unit consisting of input housing, pedestal housing, input and output shafts, input gear and output pinion, as well as bearings
[5] the kit forms part of the GUNT assembly, maintenance and repair practice line

Technical Data
Gear unit dimensions without shaft couplings
- LxWxH: 160x135x175mm
Transmission ratio 
- pinion: number of teeth: z=24, real pitch module: m=1mm
- gear wheel: number of teeth: z=68, real pitch module: m=1mm
- transmission ratio: i=2,83
Max. output torque: 54Nm at 494min-1
- housing: grey cast iron
- shafts: heat treated steel
- spur gears: case-hardened alloy steel
Shaft couplings
- drive: DxL: 16x40mm
- power take-off: DxL: 20x40mm

Dimensions and Weight
LxWxH: 600x450x180mm (case)
Weight: approx. 18kg

Scope of Delivery
1 complete set of spur gear parts 
1 box for small parts (bolts, washers, gaskets, circlips, ball bearings, feather keys)
1 set of assembly tools, consisting of
- 4 assembly jigs
- 1 soft-faced hammer
- 2 sets of circlip pliers (DIN 471, DIN 472)
- Allen key, size 5
- 2 combination wrenches, size 10, 13
- screwdriver
- bearing puller
1 case with foam inlay
1 set of instructional material, consisting of technical description of system, complete set of drawings with individual parts and parts list, description of assembly and disassembly sequences, also in relation to repair operations

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