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MG 903 Screw-locking devices kit



  • Comprehensive instructional kit of the main screw locking devices used in engineering
  • Familiarisation with standard designations and terms


Technical Description

This instructional kit is used for demonstration and information purposes. No provision is made for conducting exercises or experiments. Screw-locking devices are presented in the as-fitted position on an aluminium panel. A transparent multi-compartment storage tray holds large numbers of screw-locking devices.

The kit is clearly laid out on a plastic tray. The well-structured instructional material enhances the informational value of the kit.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- familiarisation with the main screw-locking devices used in engineering and their specific applications 
- familiarisation with the relevant standard designations and terms, including graphical representation


[1] screw-locking devices demonstration kit
[2] 18 fitted screw-locking devices, clearly laid out on an aluminium panel
[3] transparent storage tray with 18 compartments each holding 10 of the different screw-locking devices
[4] all parts clearly laid out on a plastic tray
[5] multiple trays stackable

Technical Data
Aluminium panel, LxW: 238x100mm
Locking devices for M6

Dimensions and Weight
LxWxH: 500x350x110mm (tray)
Weight: approx. 5kg

Scope of Delivery
1 complete kit, laid out on a tray
1 set of instructional material

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