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MG 901 Nuts and bolts kit



  • Comprehensive instructional kit of the main nuts and bolts used in engineering
  • Familiarisation with standard designations and terms


Technical Description

This instructional kit is used for demonstration and information purposes. No provision is made for conducting exercises or experiments. The industrially-standard items are clearly laid out, screw-fitted into an aluminium panel. The symbols on the panel show the correct graphical representation as well as the DIN and standard designations of the items concerned.

The kit is clearly laid out on a plastic tray. The well-structured instructional material enhances the informational value of the kit.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- familiarisation with the main nuts and bolts used in engineering and their specific applications 
- familiarisation with the relevant standard designations and terms, including graphical representation


[1] nuts and bolts demonstration kit 
[2] 42 standard parts, clearly laid out on an aluminium panel
[3] screen-printed panel
[4] screen-printing shows graphical representation and DIN designation
[5] all parts clearly laid out on a plastic tray
[6] multiple trays stackable

Technical Data
Aluminium panel, LxW: 350x255mm
Bolts: C4.8, K4.8, M6, M8, M10
Nuts: M6, M8, M10

Dimensions and Weight
LxWxH: 500x350x110mm (tray)
Weight: approx. 5kg

Scope of Delivery
1 complete kit, laid out on a tray
1 set of instructional material

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