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KI 140 Kinematic model: Whitworth quick return mechanism



  • Clearly laid out model on the uneven reciprocating motion of Whitworth's quick return


Technical Description

Whitworth's quick return is used to generate uneven reciprocating motion with slow feed and quick return. This table model clearly demonstrates the transmission behaviour of such a layout. The input angle is set by turning the crank. The output stroke is read on a ruler on the slider. The transmission components are manufactured in aluminium. All axles are equipped with ball bearings. Due to its low weight, the unit is easy to carry using the two handles.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- investigation of a revolving crank slider
- influence of crank length and input angle on the output stroke 
- recording the transmission function of a revolving crank slider



[1] investigation of a revolving crank slider
[2] generation and investigation of non-uniform stroke movements
[3] adjustment of the crank radius at three positions of the connecting rod on the crank disk
[4] adjustment of the angle by turning the crank disk
[5] measuring the stroke on the cylinder

Technical Data

Drive disk
- anodised aluminium
- ball-bearing mounted

Crank radius
- 46mm

Slider radius
- 55mm

Driving rod
- anodised aluminium
- length: 145mm

Cylinder/driving rod/frame
- stroke 0...100mm

Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h : 360 x 280 x 60 mm
Weight : approx. 2 kg

Scope of Delivery
1 kinematic model, complete 
1 instruction manual

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