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KI 110 Kinematic model: crank mechanism



  • Crank drive can be demonstrated either with a fixed or oscillating cylinder


Technical Description

This experimental unit demonstrates the conversion of smooth rotary motion into reciprocating motion.

The input angle is set on a ball bearing mounted crank disc made of anodised aluminium and read off on an angle measuring scale integrated into the base plate. A millimetre scale is fitted for the outlet stroke. The crank radius can be adjusted in three positions.

The simple insertion of a bolt enables the swivelling cylinder to be locked, thus a crank drive with either a fixed or oscillating cylinder can be demonstrated.

The components are attached to a solid, painted base plate. Two handles make the unit easier to carry.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- crank drive with fixed cylinder
- crank drive with swivelling cylinder


[1] experimental units on crank drives, with either fixed or swivelling cylinder
[2] ball bearing mounted crank disc, anodised aluminium, 3 different crank radii
[3] connecting rod black anodised aluminium 
[4] painted base plate with handles

Technical Data
Crank radius
- 25mm
- 37,5mm
- 50mm
Connecting rod length: 150mm

Dimensions and Weight
LxWxH: 380x280x60mm
Weight: approx. 3kg

Scope of Delivery
1 apparatus, complete 
1 manual

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