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GOTT Series (CBT) - Communication Networks


COMMNET course module explores the underlying principles of the technologies that drive modern Wide Area Network (WANs), explains the principles of operation and typical applications of networks offering an X25 data service and Frame Relay data service, gives an introduction to networks employing the Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and its operations as well as usage, describes the benefits, features and operation of networks using the IP suite of protocol, describes the facilities and operation of IP networks with advance features. MPLS label switching including the use of label distribution protocols LDP and CR-LDP and provides a detailed treatment of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) services and is designed for those involved in the planning, installation or maintenance of ADSL and SHDSL broadband connections. In order to ease down the referencing resources in this course module, it is incorporated with some features like, Search, Book Mark, Note Creator and Vocabulary Pronunciation Assistant. Below is the list of the 8 chapters covered in this course module with its associated sub-topics 


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