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GOTT Ethernet System Trainer


The GOTT-ETHERNET-900 Bus Coupler connects Ethernet with the modular, extendable electronic terminal blocks. One unit consists of one Bus Coupler, any number from 1 to 64 terminals and one end terminal. The Bus Couplers recognize the terminals to which they are connected, and perform the assignment of the inputs and outputs to the words of the process image automatically. The GOTT-ETHERNET-900 Bus Coupler supports 10 Mbit/s and 100 Mbit/s Ethernet. Connection is through normal RJ 45 connectors. The IP address is set on the DIP switch (offset to a freely selectable start address). In networks with DHCP (a service for the allocation of the logical IP address to the physical node address (MAC-ID) the Bus Coupler obtains its IP address from the DHCP server. Supports ADS TwinCAT system communication. TwinCAT I/O makes available configuration tools and Windows NT/2000/XP drivers for programs in any desired high-level language (DLLs) and for Visual Basic applications (ActiveX). Applications with OPC interfaces can access ADS via an OPC server, a simple master/slave protocol based on TCP/IP in wide application. Optionally, the Bus Terminals can also be controlled by the control system. Via function blocks (FBs), the programmable logic controller (PLC) or the PC or IPC handles configuration of the complete periphery during the start up phase. The controller carries out the desired setting automatically after switching on



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