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GL 200 Lathe gear



  • Hazard-free and clear demonstration of function of the gears on a lathe


Technical Description

This clearly laid out gear model has all the key features and properties of a workshop lathe. As the functional elements are open to view, all the functions of the gears can be clearly observed. On this model, the motor drive is replaced by a hand wheel with a disc and scale. The action of the gears is thus slow and completely hazard-free. A removable plotter drum simulates the work piece, a plotter pen replaces the cutting tool. All experiments are easy to repeat and offer a wider range of variations.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Investigation of all the key gear functions on a lathe
  + primary gear unit, change gear unit
  + tumbler gear unit
  + feed gear unit (tumbler lever)


[1] Fully functional benchtop demonstration unit of a conventional lathe gear unit
[2] Primary gear unit, change gear unit, tumbler gear unit and quick change gear unit
[3] Recording of the feed on paper using a plotter drum on the primary spindle
[4] Operation via hand crank
[5] Optimal demonstration due to open construction

Technical Data
Primary spindle speed steps: 9
Feed gear steps: 7
Dimensions and Weight l x w x h : 750 x 500 x 800 mm
Weight : approx. 42 kg

Scope of Delivery
1 lathe gear model
1 instruction manual

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