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Factory Automation Trainer


GOTT Factory Automation Trainer is a unique concept in Multi-skilling technology, utilizing a range of industrial drives & control methods. This system consists of a range of 4 differing modules, which can be independently or alternatively connected together, to form part or complete system. 
Each module utilizes a selection of different technologies therefore can be used for a variety of curricula, by students through to technician levels. A separate P.L.C is installed for the module & all that is required to power the system is a compatible air supply and 230V 50Hz single-phase electrical supply. 
Independent exercise is available for each module or exercises for the combination of modules as well. 
The "Robot Station' when used in a 'system' will typically intermediate module, which can transfer a component from upstream module (e.g. Processing Station) to a down module (e.g. Pick & Place Station) and comprises of robotic arms. All control system is designed so that P.L.C program monitoring etc. can be carried out without accessing the panel. Each module is supplied completely assembled and tested on an extruded aluminium profile trolley, fitted with 4 swivel castors (2 lockable), allowing mobility of the module to be relocated between different training locations. Each module has itself power requirement module, control, connection & interlinking cables, along with programming software, manuals and exercise





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