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Elevator Training Kit


This PLC controlled model elevator allows the student to apply his Programmable Logic Controller operating skills to a real world application. This 4-Level Elevator is developed to demonstrate and simulate the operations of the Elevator. 
The elevator is constructed with an aluminum base and four supporting columns. It is a portable working model with transparent sides. Moves along two guided bearing shafts. The cabin has a safety sensor to prevent the elevator from moving if it is overloaded or the floor door is not closed or blocked. 
The top portion of the model accommodates an induction motor with brake and a pulley assembly to operate the lift. A counter-weight system is used to keep the hoisting cable taut. The counter-weight system also moves along another pair of guided bearing shafts. The PLC, Power Supply and Relay Module are also housed in this compartment. 
The overweight assembly is fitted with an inductive sensor that communicates the error of the car to the PLC. The electrical signal of the sensors is connected to a PLC input. 
It is designed to give all "UP" requests higher priority than the "DOWN" requests if the elevator is going up and priority will be given to "DOWN" requests if it is moving down. The programming is done in ladder diagram format software (CX programmer). 
There are indications to show the direction of the elevator movement. It also has a 7-segment digital display for the level number. 

The Level Selection Panel is mounted on the front of the top compartment instead of inside the cabin itself to enable easy access during training or simulation




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