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Electrical Protection Trainer


  • Understanding the Function of Over/Under Voltage Relay
    • Under Voltage Protection
    • Over Voltage Protection
  • Protection for Over and Under current Circumstances
    • Under Current Protection
    • Over Current Protection
  • Protection from Unbalance Phase Situations
    • Wrong Phase Sequence Detection
    • Unbalance Voltage Detection
  • The Usage of Two Level Liquid Detector Relay
  • Insulation Testing for Electrical Safety
  • Usage of Isolation Transformer to Prevent Electric Shock
  • Protection from Pulsating DC Leakage Current
  • Fault Current Protection by Using RCCB
  • Course of Earth Voltage Due to Ground Rods


This Electrical Protection Trainer have been created for learning of Dangers caused of touch of the electrical or electrical conductor equipment, Leakage current, Simulation of protection of leakage current by using FI circuit breaker, Prevention of “Fault” by using separation transformer. It’s designed as panel system with 2 level mounting frame. There have clearly symbol on each panel by silk screen. All of connecting point via safety connector for safety in operation.




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