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Control & Instrumentation Principles Trainer

Driver Board Features :

  1. Motor  power supply 5~220VAC/DC input and can be driven 1100W motor, maximum peak current of 25A. 5VDC power supply and the control  circuit of IGBT 15VDC power supply. Typical 5VDC current 0.4A,15VDC current 0.15A.
  2. Using special IGBT drive IC for control, PWM drive signal by high-speed opto-coupler isolated high-voltage and low- voltage side, ensure the drive plate without interference from high voltage.
  3. Hall sensor detection output current waveforms, the complete low voltage and high voltage isolation, primary current -10A~+10A output voltage 0.5~4.5V , used in vector control.
  4. DC current measurement sample by linear opto-coupler isolation.
  5. DC voltage sampling by linear opto-coupler isolation.
  6. IGBT t emperature 6.0~150 ℃ test, analog output
  7. Six PW M control signal input, all through the high-speed opto-coupler isolation
  8. PWM express hardware for upper and lower arm protection, overcurrent protection hardware.
  9. Power  and braking resistors relay interface interface, you can complete the rheostatic braking experiment, or a complete regenerative braking through t wo driver boards.
  10. Power input and alarm LED indicator


Control Panel Features :

  1. High-speed digital processor onboard TMS320F2812,32-bit fixed-point DSP processor, the maximum operating frequency 150M.
  2. Chip 128K x16 built-in FLASH, programming plug-ins can be easily cured user programs, FLASH can be encrypted; Built-in 18K x 16-bit SRAM chip; Built-in 4K x 16-bit chip BOOT ROM; Built-in 1Kx 16-bit OTP ROM chip;
  3. Extending the 256Kx 16-bit SRAM,IS61LV25616.
  4. Provide 6 LED light tube, indicating PWM pin status.
  5. Provide a 1-channel RS-232 interface can be connected to PC to experiment.
  6. Provide 1 CAN2.0 interfaces, user-friendly networking.
  7. 16-channel AD input connector.
  8. Built-in EEPROM chip for experiment.
  9. Some GPIO ports are led and user-friendly secondary development.
  10. Providing driver Board and display board interface, user-friendly connections
  11. Provide incremental encoder interface. 


This trainer allows the investigation of control system principles by using a servo mechanism comprising a DC motor, a variety of digital controllers. Students are also introduced to the fundamentals of signal processing.

Prior knowledge of very basic electronics is assumed as well as simple mathematics although the use of mathematics is minimized as much as practicable. The curriculum is divided more than 20 assignments ranging from basic control concepts to more advanced methods such as fixed point PID control. Selective use of the available assignments allows the trainer to be used from vocational through to higher technician and  undergraduate courses. 


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