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Auto Storage And Retrieval System


The GOTT-ASRS-01 is a complete training system, introducing the student to the operation, programming and trouble shooting of modern industrial Auto Storage and Retrieval System. A complete curriculum is provided incorporating many learning activities related to the basic sequence, ladder logic programming, and trouble shooting. The different processes reflects the realistic industrial applications. A pre-loaded program is provided, making it possible to operate the whole system without any initial programming to be written. This makes it easier for the user to get accustomed with the ASRS process and understand how the individual parts operate and combines as a system.  The engraved front panel with the block diagram presented on the surface and the light indicators makes it easier to observe the activated sensors in the system. Switches installed on the front panel makes it possible to manually move the pneumatic cylinders and motors available in the system. This product, together with its associated student manual & programming manual, creates a complete introductory course in PLCs, for industrial training applications as well as in educational learning



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