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Advance Servo Motor Trainer


The GOTT Advanced Servo Motor Trainer is a complete training system for servo motor, it introduces the student to the operation, programing and troubleshooting of modern industrial system. The trainer is designed with industrial grade part and components, controller and motor with full function comply with industrial standard worldwide. The equipment consists of a driver with build in-display and a motor unit, which has a guide rail that equipped with limit sensor to provide feedback to software.  The user-friendly graphical user interface of GOTT-SSM commissioning software shortens tuning and diagnoses time greatly, providing several types of function, such as real time oscilloscope function. The software provides quick set up mode to be able to configure all related function to one operating mode. These screens provide easy navigation and comprehensive interface. All the parameters can be visualized on the same page using the Graphical parameter set. This screen provides to expert user remove high flexibility and high effectiveness





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