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3 Axis Cartesian Robot


A new series of robots from GOTT features high speed precision motor controlled XYZ motion. They can be used for dispensing, soldering, inspection, automatic screw fastening and pick & place operations.  
These systems are configured using Axis table Cartesian series of Screw Driven Slides and PC based Control Package. Robots can be configured up to 85x50mm of travel with maximum speeds to 600mm per second. This gives the user a large format. Each axis is built with robust aluminum housing with a protective top cover. This allows the robots to stand up to education and industrial applications.  
Three Axis of simultaneous motion can be provided to perform difficult multi-Axis motions. GOTT™'s Cartesian Robots also provide smooth and continuous motion. The system can be mounted over large parts or conveyor systems. This gives the unit great flexibility in its applications. An optional library of motion routine is available for software development for OEM applications. Integration with other mechatronics trainer makes easy use as a pick and place system application






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